Our Story

SnapRap International is an online platform that is geared towards discovering upcoming talents who have the potential of being great entertainers in the genre of hip hop music. Snaprap website allows users to upload short videos of their art for the world to see. Rap Contests are held periodically to showcase talented individuals and groups, after which winners will be awarded for outstanding performances in the form of cash, record deals and endorsements. Though it is a new platform, Snaprap has experienced a fantastic growth in a very short while and continues to triumph, whilst remaining at the forefront of showcasing the rawest talents paving way for the next generation of entertainers. Snaprap is a cyber related music publicity brand, projecting hip hop exclusively. Snaprap is designed to be a bridge connecting the underground hip hop scene to the mainstream, Simply by networking snaps of different unearthed musical talents and cultural endowment scattered all across the world.


Snaprap International was conceived as a brand idea and developed into one of the fastest growing global Hip hop movement by the founder, Adango Neo Jumbo, a prolific Nigerian rapper, popularly known as "King Dazzle", after his conviction and realization that posting snaps (mobile phone videos) of his performances on the internet was the surest and fastest way to gain recognition after various rigorous experiences on his relentless and inauspicious quest for fame and success as an average unsigned African rap artiste. SnapRap International is dominantly Hip hop, nevertheless it's activities and outreach covers every aspect of the musical industry and the diverse cultures of the world. We can as well say Snaprap is the new market for underground music business, looking at what awaits us with the coming of the application. There are five main categories on this site for uploads, the first four; Emcee B-Boy DJ/Graffiti Video Vixen (model) for all performing artistes to upload their snaps while the last category, (Culture) is for all other art and cultural exhibitions.


Registration is obligatory, though free if you intend to upload snaps. Follow the simple instructions. Create an account with your username and a valid email address. This will enable you upload your snaps and also get you profiled on this site.


You must fit into any of the above mentioned categories to enable you upload snaps on this site. All snaps must not exceed two (2) minutes. Make your snap clear and audible.

Welcome to SnapRap International. Your Dream, Our Business.